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At Main Street Automotive, our trusted technicians have years of experience on handling any auto repair and maintenance service for your vehicle. Located in Townsend, our state-of-the-art shop is ready to serve all your car repair and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of general repair and maintenance to get your car back on the road. From preventative maintenance to transmission repair, our professional team of technicians will make sure your car is running in excellent condition for the years to come.

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good year tires

We are a Good Year Tire Store.  Come on in, get your new tires!


Our certified technicians and  state of the art equipment, gives us the ability to diagnose the auto issue and determine what repairs are needed to get you safely back on the road.


Make sure your wheels are properly aligned so they wear evenly!  The tendency to pull to one side due to uneven tires causes problems in the steering system also, so make sure you stop in annually for an alignment.


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